mina archer was born early in the morning on 7/25.  we are so happy and blessed!!


baby's room

with my due date fast approaching, we finally finished the baby's room...there are a few more things going up on the walls, but other than that it's complete. we are so pleased with how it turned out. it's my favorite room in our home.

a small hanging collection of odds n' ends.

things i've saved over the years were perfect for a little display.

the pink teddy bear is one i made myself.  the print is by the secret nest (via etsy)...and fern animals of course!

a vintage hippity-hop on the window seat, which i'll eventually make a cushion for.

vintage russian postcards.

we're very excited.  we've had a name picked for months, but won't reveal that until our baby girl is born (we're not interested in hearing our family's opinions on our pick!)


i'll have 10 pieces in this upcoming show. if you're local, i'm sure you're familiar with steel city! there will be a mixture of photographs and art pieces (all prints) framed for this. curator frank giammatteo picked a bunch of really wonderful pieces, and i'm looking forward to being a part of this group show.  artist reception is may 13th!!



another print...i love the way the sun catches his eye and the pale blue of the sky is really stunning. have you watched pbs' a murder of crows? wonderful and intelligent creatures!


fifth dimension

the fifth dimension is a variable time line of infinite possibilities. maybe in another possible time line, i'm a botanist who collects rare flowers...in another, a mother of 8...in another, a famous artist. fun, huh?

a new print! another, i should say...available here.



another new print! available both here and here.



the newest print available in the shop. a trio of beautiful white orchids. i called this print crossroads, because this flower reminded me of hecate, a three-faced goddess who is also goddess of the crossroads.



more more more...

this hibiscus hybrid is aptly named 'fifth dimension'.  love the unusual grey / yellow combination.

a beautiful chalice vine.  solandra maxima.  part of the solanaceae family.  some of my favorite plants come from this family.  this vine is instantly recognizable as a solanaceae plant because of the typical fused 5 petal flower, alternate leaves and superior ovary!

a longwood hybrid aster.  a lovely cornflower bluish-purple.

i love to see when a hybrid reverts back to its original nature...as above.  this hybrid is a mix of yellow, orange and red lilies.

we visit this cat every time we visit longwood gardens.  he is a regular outside their cafe.  he's the sweetest thing!  he was posing here as a kiwi-fruit trying to hide from a gang of companion-dogs-in-training.  this one crazy bitch was like "doggy, let's use this as a lesson" and started yelling "LEAVE IT!  LEAVE IT!" at the top of her lungs.  she was a bit scary.  dog people are so strange.

a raven was watching over car...thanks raven!


more flowers...

more flowers from our longwood visit...

these lovely oriental lily hybrids...

these orchids were more chocolate-like in person...cymbidium edith mcdade 'new horizon'.

love the dots on this orchid...x beallara peggy ruth carpenter 'morning joy'.

these orchids were so fierce and strange...with a name to match their uniqueness...phsychopsis papilio from south america.  they remind me of some people i know.

this vibrant tangerine makes me happy!  wish i remembered to photograph the name marker...oops.